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Tall Artificial Fan Palm Tree (4m to 7m) UV Resistant

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Amazing Super Tall Artificial Fan Palm Tree - Different Sizes Available

Have you ever had a dream of creating a tropical paradise at home? Or maybe, you own a hotel or airport and simply want to add a touch of the tropics without the head-ache of keeping a massive palm tree alive! We have the answer for you - a stunning, superb UV resistant artificial palm tree.

These trees are all hand made, and designed to impress your friends, neighbors, guests or visitors.

These trees are designed with superior foliage - no other trees (except for our range made with POLYTECH UV plastics have such stunning leaves designed to last outdoors, or indoors.

Please note that the UV leaves are made to last several years, however, should they need to be replaced the entire tree need not be re-placed, only the leaves, which are a fraction of the overall cost.

The stunning palm tree is made with steel and fiberglass (mainly) along with high quality paints, and cements.

These giant artificial plants are certainly a major attraction if you are wanting to make a statement, or simply don't want to maintain a living palm tree anymore.

Did you know that the fan palm tree are one of over 2500 different palm species?

This impressive artificial palm trees are made to order, so there are a few requirements for placing an orders (terms and conditions), we would rather spell out to you now to allow you to make the right decision:

  1. They are not in stock - we do not stock these items.
  2. Immediately upon placing an online orders these go into production (if you have special requirements contact us before placing an order).
  3. Delivery can take between 6-10 weeks (this allows for delays by customs, shipping lines, etc).
  4. If you live in Darwin, Perth or Northern QLD (or remote areas), a further delivery free will apply which will be requested prior to shipment of $550 per tree. Unfortunately, shipments to remote Islands or overseas do need to be quoted separately.
  5. As we place these trees intro production immediately there are no refunds for cancellations, or delays.
  6. Each tree will vary from the photos (exact colours do vary) along with minor changes per tree.
  7. Installation - this is very important, so please pay close attention when it comes to what can and cannot be done by us here -


  • The palm tree will need to be custom concreted, or attached to the ground - we do not offer this service, however, would recommend you speak with a builder / surveyor / engineer / concrete specialist etc.
  • The tree will ordinarily come with a base metal plate which may be welded, or often you can insert large bolts through the metal base plate and attach to an adequately built pad below.
  • The leaves come separate to the tree (this provides greater protection, and ability to replace them should they be damaged).

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